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We have decided to not run our online store this summer due to limited space and decreased numbers. We apologize to those who used this service regularly and appreciate your understanding. We will continue with our Bumbleroot Farm pre-order as well as Harbor Fish. We will also make efforts to increase the amount of fresh fruit and produce available.  


Fresh Organic Produce:  Bumbleroot Organic Farm pick-up will be Saturday afternoons. I will reach out Thursday afternoon with organic veggies available for pre-order. You can email me your order and pick up will be at the store on Saturday afternoon. I will have a variety of fresh produce in stock. 

Fresh Fish: Visit Harbor Fish Market's website to see what available. I will look to do two orders per week. Please leave me your order (email, stop by the store or call) by Monday at noon for Tuesday afternoon pick up and Thursday by noon for Friday afternoon pick-up. Prices are based on market value and will be comparable to what you see on their site (+ a small shlepping fee to cover for freight). 


Please reach out with any questions!          



Call: 207.766.2312 (leave message)       

Text: 207.749.8175


With Appreciation,


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