We began our online store during the summer of 2020 as a way to provide grocery items to those on the island during the pandemic. We will look to continue the online store during the summer of 2021 in a similar fashion. Since our store front will be open, we will have weekly orders ready for pick up every Thursday. We ask that your orders be placed by 8 AM on Wednesdays. **See change in Bumbleroot Organic Farm**


Fresh Organic Produce:  Bumbleroot Organic Farm is moving away from their weekly pre-order, thus our anticipated Saturday pick-up will not be happening. However, I have a plan... If you are interested in being on a "mailing" list, I will reach out Thursday with organic veggies available. You can email me your order and pick up will be at the store on Saturday afternoon. I will keep working on other options and will have a variety of fresh produce in stock. 

Fresh Fish: Visit Harbor Fish Market's website to see what available. Weekly purchases can be made through OUR online store. Include what you would like in the comments OR contact us via text, email or phone. Prices are based on market value and will be comparable to what you see on their site (+ a small shlepping fee to cover for freight) Pick up will be Thursday afternoons. 


Online Store: Our storefront will be open for you to come and shop. However, you will find greater variety of items through our online store. We can have your weekly order ready for pick up Thursday afternoons. 


Please reach out with any questions!          


Email:  cliffislandstorecafe@gmail.com  

Call: 207.766.2312 (leave message)       

Text: 207.749.8175


With Appreciation,