For those of you that do not know us, we are Hope and Ram MacVane Tray. I, Hope, grew up on Cliff Island with my brother, Heath, and sister, Heidi. My parents, Earl and Judy, are "year-rounders" and lobster April through December. I worked at the store in my teens and took on running the store with Ram during the summer of 1997. The store/cafe is now a  a family endeavor. Our children, Vee and Phea, will be helping behind the counter. Cliff Island is a special place and one that we hold very dear. We hope the store will be a positive part to our island community, near and far.


We appreciate your patience as we navigate this adventure. Our hope is to have what you need in the store side, plus some extras. The Cafe will have sandwiches, pizza, ice cream and lobster rolls.  Check us out on IG or Facebook for more details! Thanks everyone!!

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DAILY : 7:30 am - 7:30 pm                                                 11 Wharf Rd                                                   Facebook

                                                                                        Cliff Island, ME 04019                                            

                                                                                             207.766.2312 (during business hours)                                      Instagram 

                       .                                                                     207.749.8175 (non-business hours)                    



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