A huge thank you to some of our local vendors and suppliers that worked to bring us local products

Casco Bay Lines Ferry

A big shout out to the Captains, Crew & Freight Office staff that helped bring us supplies on a daily basis. You guys are awesome!


Toot's Ice Cream

The rave reviews we got daily over this wonderful ice cream was fabulous. Thanks to Toot's for being so flexible in getting us such delicious ice cream!


Standard Baking Co. 

What a treat to have fresh bread and pastries every Thursday and Sunday mornings!

Union Bagel Co.

So grateful to Union Bagel for shipping out fresh bagels to the Cliff Island Store!

Botto's Bakery

The most wonderful bread for our sandwiches, subs and lobster rolls!!!

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 2.47.39 PM.png

Fresh Approach

It was such a pleasure to work with Fresh Approach. They were always so pleasant and had what I needed delivered on the next boat. THANK YOU!


Native Maine

Native Maine helped keep the shelves stocked and the cafe running!


Coffee By Design

With Casco Bay Blend and Atlantic Sunrise... we couldn't go wrong! 

Grandy Oats

A big thank you to GrandyOats for reaching out to have their delicious granola in the store! It was a big hit!

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 2.36.32 PM.png

BumbleRoot Organic Farm

Our Farmer's Market Wednesdays were very much appreciated. The fresh produce was BEAUTIFUL!

Our Local Breweries...

So much fun to carry some of our local craft beers, including (but not limited too)...

Along with Maine Root beverages!

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DAILY : 7:30 am - 7:30 pm                                                 11 Wharf Rd                                                   Facebook

                                                                                        Cliff Island, ME 04019                                            

                                                                                             207.766.2312 (during business hours)                                      Instagram 

                       .                                                                     207.749.8175 (non-business hours)                    



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